This is where the magic happens!

When you first start meditating there can be a feeling of holding on.  


Either holding on to the breath, body sensations, mantra, or any number of other things. 


New meditators often get annoyed when they can’t hold on. They say things like:  


“I struggled to hold onto the mantra so it didn’t work.” 


Holding on is a good way to start, but eventually you’ll need to learn how to let go too.  


Letting go is where the magic happens.  


Every inward breath requires an outward breath to complete its cycle.  


Expansion follows contraction. 


So learn how to hold on, but don’t forget the importance of learning how to let go as well. This will be important as your meditation journey progresses. 


When I teach meditation, I make sure that letting go is built into the journey from the beginning.  

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