Delve Deep: 


Private Tuition: Meditation for transcendence with Jimmy Wightman

How does it work? 

This journey takes place over 4 consecutive 60 minute sessions. Jimmy will tailor the program to suit your specific needs and desires. These sessions will involve guided meditation as well covering the philosophy of the practice. Jimmy will also provide practical advice to ensure this becomes a lasting habit which fits easily into your daily routine.

After 4 days you will be able to meditate anywhere, no matter what is going on around you. You will be releasing deeply embedded stress from the nervous system. You will be experiencing an altered state of consciousness and the life-enhancing benefits that come along with that.           

  • Duration: 4 hours online over 4 days.
  • Location: Course delivered online via Zoom - join from your own home.
  • Times: Designed to suit you.   
  • Support: Monthly Q&A, group meditations and private Facebook group.
  • Fee: £700

Discover how to transcend the thinking mind over 4 days of live instruction: