How to stop your brain cells dying

benefits of meditation Sep 28, 2022

I came across an interesting study from a researcher named Eileen Luders, who is affiliated with UCLA.

Her team had been studying the brains of people who meditate regularly.

She used MRI scans to collect data on the participants. Her various studies showed meditation has a remarkable impact on the brain.

What’s interesting about this research is how several meditation techniques were represented, such as Zen, Vipassana, Raja yoga meditation, and Tibetan meditation.

And then Eileen had an idea!

She got her team to create an algorithm that would “guess” the age of a brain based on an MRI scan.

The algorithm was accurate. If you fed the MRI scan of an average brain into it, the program would “guess” the age of the brain correctly.

But something interesting happened when she fed the MRI scans of meditators brains into it.

The algorithm would “guess” incorrectly. It would give a much younger age prediction for those brains.

Surprisingly, meditators at the age of 50 had brains that resembled those of 42 year olds.

And the impact of meditation on the ageing process got stronger as participants got older.

A 60-year-old in the meditation group had the brain age of a 51-year-old in the control group.

This proves that meditation slows down the ageing process of the brain and therefore protects the mind as we get older.

Researchers are still unsure of the mechanism responsible for these remarkable results but a possible interpretation may be that the neurons and synapses of the brain are activated in a stimulating way during meditation.

Also, meditation is known for aiding with stress management which is a major catalyst for faster biological aging.

So, if you needed a boost of meditation motivation today, there you go!


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