Deep Insight: 8  Week Journey

Low stress, calm mind, exquisite presence, insight & wisdom. Let's take this journey of awakening together.

This course draws on techniques and teachings from a wide range of contemplative practices from around the world and throughout history.

I’ve put it into a clear systematic secular framework that’s easy to learn and suitable for beginners and advanced meditators. 

The techniques I’m teaching have been rigorously tested by researchers at Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Vermont, and The University of Arizona.

Every style of meditation in existence fits into 1 of these 4 categories. Each week, together we will journey through the 4 quadrants, trying out new meditation techniques, discovering how the puzzle fits together.

But don’t worry, this won’t overwhelm you or leave you feeling like a “jack of all trades.” The core skills you’ll be learning and sharpening each week fit together.

Each technique builds on the next to take you further along the path towards self-understanding. You can add the techniques you like to your personal “tool box” and you can leave out any techniques that don’t resonate with you. This is a choose-your-own-adventure approach to meditation. 

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As your meditation journey progresses over 8 weeks, you’ll pick up tools that are useful for specific situations. For example, you’ll learn how to:

  • Deal with anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve emotional wellbeing
  • Develop resilience
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Trigger instant relaxation  

  • Connect to the present moment  

  • Process emotional pain
  • Transcend physical pain
  • Nurture feelings of bliss, joy and happiness
  • Enhance cognitive capabilities
  • Deepen interpersonal and spiritual connection 

You’ll also become sensitive to how the moment-to-moment experience of being “you” is created by your mind.

This stops you from being caught in mental stories and puts you in touch with reality. This is a good starting place to open up a bigger conversation about enlightenment and awakening. Are these real things, actual experiences people can have, or are they fantasy? 

Hi, I'm Jimmy

I discovered meditation many years ago while looking for a way to calm my mind and soothe my nervous system. Back then I was in a dark place, struggling with depression and insomnia. Luckily I discovered meditation and turned my life around.

Although my meditation journey started out with practical goals in mind, like reducing stress and enhancing sleep, it soon burgeoned into a full blown passion. Not only did I solve my mental health woes but I discovered bliss, joy and self-understanding far beyond anything I could've dreamed in the early days.

I'll be honest with you! I didn't invent the techniques I'll be teaching in this course. They were handed to me by a 79 year old former monk called Shinzen. He's well known for writing a book called The Science of Enlightenment.

I was already a full time meditation teacher when I read that book. It made such an impact on me that I went back into training to learn Shinzen's secrets. Now I teach others how to improve their lives by using the powerful techniques that my teachers passed down to me.  


It’s OK if you already have a practise, belong to a spiritual tradition, are an atheist or a complete beginner. In this approach you will develop skills that crossover into every aspect of life.

If your meditation practice is already hardcore (you do long retreats) this course will improve your understanding and experience of that.

Alternatively, if you’re new to meditation and simply want to be more present and more in control of your emotions, that’s fine too.

In this approach you’re not locked into an ideology. You’re learning skills to help you understand and mange your mind, body, relationships and life.Detailed outline of the course:

Week 1:

Understanding yourself as a sensory system

Week one sets the foundation for the rest of the course. You will get clarity on your personal goals and motivation before starting this journey.

You will learn the 3 skills that come together to create mindful awareness.

You will also learn how to use mindful awareness to turn any sensory experience (seeing, hearing or feeling) into an object of meditation.

By the end of this session you'll understand yourself in a completely new way. 

Week 2:

Tranquillity, relax and recharge

In week two you will discover how to move your attention in a way that accentuates inner peace, tranquility and calm.

This is perfect for managing stress and anxiety.

Week 3:

Let the monastery come to you

During week three you will discover how to apply mindfulness and meditation in daily life in order to see immediate benefits and interrupt unconscious patterned behaviour.

You will also learn how to boost reward states such as joy, peace, calm happiness and bliss.

This is perfect if you struggle to make time for meditation because you will learn micro hits (short hits of meditation that can be applied in any situation with eyes open) and background practice (using mindfulness in the background while working, socialising or doing any task).

This is a great way to “work smart” for people who can’t take endless hours each day to sit quietly. 

Week 4:

Going with the flow (of impermanence)

Working with flowing sensations in the body can be hugely enjoyable.

Vibration, warmth, bubbles, tingles and bliss are common when working with flow.

As well as being enjoyable, this has practical benefits. It can help you move beyond physical and emotional pain. It can lead to deep states of absorption (known as jhana).  

Working with flow can also lead to deep insights about impermanence and the wonder that fils every precious moment of life.   

Working with flow can also trigger the release of unprocessed emotions and traumas that get stuck in the psyche and nervous system. Releasing old trapped emotions in this way leaves you feeling lighter, happier and less weighed down by the difficult experiences that life tends to serve up. 

Week 5:

It’s fun to be spontaneous

During week 5 you will get a taste of what happens in a Zen monastery. You will learn how to tune into the “just happening” quality of physical movement.

This is a fascinating and unique way to explore the nature of who and what you are “underneath” thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This is also a great way to bring expressive spontaneity in your life. 

Week 6:

Feeling good and nurturing positivity

In week 6 you will discover 5 easy strategies to spark joy, happiness and positivity in your mind and body.

You will also learn how to nurture, control, expand and inflate this positive qualities. 

This has been scientifically proven to enhance the way your brain functions, leading to increased positivity and happiness in your life. 

Week 7:

Working with inner windows and walls

This week you will discover how to navigate obstacles and challenges (walls) and how to spot and make use of opportunities (windows) during your meditation practice.

This will take your practice to the next level. You will be able to bring together the elements from the previous weeks in order to become the author of your own experience. This week is also useful for working with stress, pain, anxiety and uncomfortable emotions. 

Week 8:


In the final week you will bring everything together. You will see how the previous weeks have sensitised you to different aspects of experience and now you can “choose your own adventure” when you meditate. However, you don’t have to stop there.

For centuries yogis, saints, sages, Buddhas and mystics have spoken of profound experiences that go beyond the rational thinking mind. In this final session you will learn what Awakening and Enlightenment really means. You will discover what makes these things more likely and how to bring that into your meditation practise.

On this session you will also get clear on your practice path for the future. 

What does the course include?

Eight 90-minute live, interactive, group Zoom training sessions, which include instruction, guided meditation, questions, and discussion

  • Limited class size to ensure a personalised experience
  • Systematic training in five core meditation techniques, variations, and options, and the confidence to adapt these techniques to specific circumstances in your life
  • A plan for establishing and maintaining your regular meditation practice
  • Ways to meditate throughout the day using the micro hits and background practice techniques
  • Weekly homework recommendations to help you maximise your meditation time
  • Handouts and worksheets
  • Access to the instructor after the course for follow up (drop-in group zoom every other Wednesday)
  • Resources for additional exploration and training
  • Discussion on the esoteric aspects of practice such as awaking and enlightenment for those interested

Where, When, How?

Dates: Monday 25th March 2024 / Ends 20th May 2024.

Time: 7.30pm UK time (Sessions will be recorded in case you aren't available for every class)

 Every Monday for 8 weeks between those dates

Length of session: 90 minute

Classes take place on Zoom  

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