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Delve in

Delve Deep takes you...

Beyond simple relaxation techniques & breathing practices

Beyond New Age fads

Beyond shallow spiritual platitudes

And into the world of authentic liberating evidence-based meditation practice

Hi, I’m Jimmy (although you might know me as That Meditation Guy on Instagram). I’ve personally taught over 1000 people to meditate.

The techniques I’m teaching have been rigorously tested by researchers at Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Vermont, and The University of Arizona. I can teach anyone how to access the transformative benefits of meditation.

The truth is, my techniques work because I’ve been trained by a genuine master. I don’t claim to be anything special, but what I have to teach you is so special, it’s beyond anything a rational mind can imagine.

I know, this probably sounds like a lot of “big talk” so rather than trying to convince you, why don’t I show you? Check out the free meditation masterclass below. 

Free meditation masterclass includes...

Inner freedom road map video 

  • 8 common meditation mistakes that keep the true benefits of meditation out of reach (and how to avoid them) 
  • Reduce stress, overwhelm & anxiety
  • Every meditation technique explained in less than 3 minutes
  • The best technique for deep relaxation, stress release, inner stillness and silence
  •  How to bring mindfulness (exquisite presence) into every aspect of life, no matter what activity you’re doing
  • What is Enlightenment and is it a realistic possibility for you?

Guided audios:

  • Guided meditation 1: See, Hear, Feel - Taster (8 minutes)
  • Guided meditation 2: See, Hear, Feel - Deep Dive (30 minutes)
  • Guided Meditation 3: See, Hear, Feel - Minimal Guidance (15 minutes)

Rethink meditation course:

  • 10 powerful follow-up emails (delivered over 1 month) designed to improve your understanding and experience of meditation. They include stories, tips, science and insights. 
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Deep Calm

4-day meditation course delivered over Zoom, based on the classic Himalayan technique of effortless mantra practise. This is the easiest and fastest way to trigger deep relaxation and stress release.

This technique is famous for bringing deep inner stillness and silence in just 20 minutes while sitting comfortably with the back supported.

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Deep Insight

An 8 week journey for anyone who feels called to master the art and science of meditation and mindfulness. This course makes ancient teachings relevant for modern living.

Over the 8 weeks you will discover an array of effective tools designed to upgrade the operating software of your mind and influence your life in a positive way.

This course demystifies esoteric topics such as awakening and enlightenment and puts you on the path to discovering the Truth for yourself.

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Free meditation masterclass

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Free Meditation Masterclass


  • Inner Freedom Road Map
  • 4 Guided Meditations
  • Rethink Meditation Course