Beyond the thinking mind,
there is a place of calm and silence. 



Delve in

Why Delve Deep Meditation?

I teach an ancient technique from the Himalayas that is scientifically proven to deliver transformative benefits. This is completely different from mindfulness and other styles of meditation which you might have tried before.

I'll show you how to get into a deep state of meditative absorption in just 20 minutes. This melts away stress and leaves you feeling happy, energised, and clear-headed. A skill for life you'll be delighted to practice. 

I'll take you beyond the thinking mind into a place of peace, stillness, calm and silence. Life becomes easier when you delve into this altered state each day.

Discover the benefits

Beat Stress

Stress is often referred to as the silent killer. It makes you mentally slow, physically ill and too weak to enjoy life. Just 15 minutes of meditation, when done correctly, can bring about changes in the mind and body which reverse the effects of stress.

Improve Sleep

Almost everyone who learns meditation the Delve Deep way experiences better sleep within a few days. It's not surprising! Scientific studies have been showing better sleep and cured insomnia to be a major benefit of meditation since the 1960's.

Increase Energy

Meditation gives you a calm mind and a rested body. This leads to increased energy, creativity and mental clarity. As a result you become more productive at work and more present with friends and family.

How it works

Delve Deep Meditation is different. It doesn't involve focussing on your breath or body sensations. It doesn't involve witnessing your mind or visualising anything. Nor does it involve mindless chanting. 

I'll give you a proven technique that leads to an altered state of consciousness.

This shows up as highly organised and synchronised alpha waves in both hemispheres of your brain. This is a sign of deep relaxation for the body and rejuvenating rest for the mind. This is the mechanism that delivers the benefits of meditation.  

It's a marvellous stroke of luck that getting into this state is fairly quick and extremely enjoyable once you know how to do it.

More benefits

Positive Mental Health

Meditation is helpful in the treatment of depression and anxiety according to JAMA Internal Medicine. Flooding the brain with dopamine & serotonin during meditation acts like a natural anti-depressant. Seeking professional help is also highly recommended.  


Research by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn showed that meditation can slow the effects of biological ageing and protect you from disease. This is because meditation plays a role in protecting your chromosomes. 

Better Relationships

Studies show meditation can improve emotional intelligence, making you a better partner or parent. High levels of cortisol prevents female orgasm and excessive adrenaline prevents male erection. Meditation regulates these hormones. Sex is better when you meditate.

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Courses are delivered over Zoom so you can enjoy the journey from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is sign up for the sessions that suit your schedule.

Meet Jimmy

"This all started because my life enjoyment was crippled by insomnia. I heard that meditation was a scientifically valid way to treat that problem. I'd already tried to fix it with video courses, books and guided meditation CDs, but nothing got me to that deep place I'd heard about. Then I found a teacher from the ancient Vedic tradition. After four days of meditation training in a little room in London, my life was on a new path (and I was sleeping like a baby). Since then I've been hooked. I've spent years training, exploring and testing meditation techniques. I'm fascinated by the science and philosophies of these ancient practices. Now I teach busy people the most powerful techniques I know for connecting to deep inner silence and stillness."

Meditation for a spiritual connection?

I'll show you how to look, but I won't tell you what to see.

Are you drawn to meditation for spiritual reasons or to explore ancient philosophies? The course involves some information of this type. You'll learn about the overlap between ancient spiritual beliefs and modern scientific findings. But don't worry if this sounds a bit strange because the bulk of this course is rooted in practical advice and guidance.

If you're interested in the spiritual side of things then I can guide you to explore further, once the course is over.

Who would you be with a calm mind and a deeply rested body?    

The Delve Deep program is not for monks and nuns. You don't need to give up any particular food or commit to a spiritual belief system for this to work.

This is meditation for the modern fast-paced world. If you feel like you're stuck in fight or flight mode, accumulating stress in your body faster that you can release it, Delve Deep is the way out of that cycle. The program is designed to fit into your life to make you the best possible version of you. 

Book your course

Courses are delivered over Zoom so you can enjoy the journey from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is sign up for the sessions that suits your schedule.


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